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  • Others in the restaurant spoke with us about his great voice and we all agreed it made the night.

    Doug Fountain, Licensed Private Investigator
  • I won't miss one of Doug's shows, and I always buy his CD's.

    Dale Richner, San Francisco resident
  • Doug is the best! I love hearing and watching his fun and entertaining shows.

    Michael Conde, FAN!
  • I like working with Doug and we have a good time at the shows, and so will you! I also really like the work we did on his CD, Aubergine.

    Tom Shaw, Pianist
  • I can't wait to record another CD with Doug! It is really great music and he is a good unknown artist. Get to know him!

    Erik Bally

Experience All 4 Albums

  • feel-cover-shot-large

    Album Name: Feel

    Composer: Doug Wilson

    Release Date: 2017/12/01

    Genre: Listening: Vocal Pop

    Artist's Notes

    I have deep respect for the artists who wrote and/or have recorded these songs. My hope is that my interpretations inspire you to live, to love, to dream, to Feel. Thank you for listening. -Doug


    1. Come Dance With Me / Come Fly With Me 3:04

    2. Everlasting Love 4:04

    3. Islands in the Stream 3:38

    4. Amazing 3:50

    5. Feel 4:18

    6. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother 3:57

    7. Rainbow Connection 3:10

    8. If I Can’t Have You 3:29

    9. Evermore 3:04

    10. Anthem 3:23

    11. I’m Gonna File My Claim 2:49

  • aubergine-cover-large

    Album Name: Aubergine

    Composer: Doug Wilson

    Release Date: 2014/08/01

    Genre: Listening: Vocal Pop

    Artist's Notes

    "Aubergine" was conceived by my "girlfriends" Mike and Dale while doing tequila shots up at the cabin.  They suggested I do a CD of music that was personal and mostly acoustic so I could really concentrate on vocals.

    I brought in my good friend Erik Bally to help produce and record the CD on a low budget.  Erik also plays guitar on the majority of the tracks.  It was a lot of work, but I think I met my goal.  I love the work and end result of, "Aubergine."

    In a world of over production, I think, "Aubergine" captures the spirit of the songs on it.  Some favorites of mine are, "Alone Again," "In The Still of the Night," "So in Love," "Eight Days a Week," and "It's Too Late."

    Later, Erik and I remixed, "Come Undone" and it really turned out nice.  I plan to make a video for it...


    1. In the Still of the Night 3:18

    2. It’s Too Late 4:29

    3. Alone Again 3:03

    4. Save Yourself 2:40

    5. Dogs In the Yard 2:52

    6. So In Love 2:45

    7. Come Undone 4:46

    8. Reflection 1:31

    9. Crazy World 2:10

    10. Holding On To the Image

    11. Man 2:56

    12. Is That Too Much to Ask 3:53

    13. Far 3:09

    14. Eight Days a Week 2:32

    15. Thank You 2:25

    16. Song For the Lonely 3:43

    17. Time Enough For Love 3:31

  • hello-again-cover-large

    Album Name: Hello Again

    Composer: Doug Wilson

    Release Date: 2009/05/01

    Genre: Listening: Vocal Pop

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    Artist's Notes

    "Hello Again" was my attempt to really be a singer and show my best as an artist.  It is still the favorite for many.  Songs like, "Hello Again," and "Hero" still touch people.  I think some of those songs are timeless.  Some of my personal favorites are, "I Still Believe," and "For Always."

    I approached, "Hello Again" with an attitude of just doing it for the music.  The idea of making it big in music all but faded.  Now I just wanted to sing and enjoy the recording process which I love!

    For the most part, "Hello Again" was recorded from pre-recorded karaoke back tracks that I enhanced with the help of a talented producer.  Blending my vocals and re-working the tracks proved time intensive and I spent over 20k making the self financed disk, but I think it paid off.


    1. Hello Again 4:15

    2. Save The Last Dance For Me 3:35

    3. Hero 4:15

    4. All About Soul 6:14

    5. For Always 3:59

    6. What A Wonderful World 2:20

    7. I Think You Know 4:32

    8. The Dance 3:24

    9. I Still Believe 3:53

    10. I Left My Heart In San Francisco 2:52

    11. My Heart Will Go On 4:37

    12. Bluer Than Blue 2:49

    13. Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel 4:30

    14. For All We Know 4:04

    15. The Strength I’ve Always Known 3:20

    16. How Did You Know 4:00

  • demostrations-cover-large

    Album Name: Demostrations

    Composer: Doug Wilson

    Release Date: 1995/07/24

    Genre: Listening: Vocal Pop

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    Artist's Notes

    I always think of, "Demostrations" as somehow less that my other CD's...until I listen to it again.  Tracks like, "Why Did you Lie," "If You Go," and "Save your Sorrow" are still pretty darn good and Unique.

    "Save Your Sorrow" was recoded from a player piano roll of a song I heard on a trip in Iowa.  I recorded "That Lucky Old Sun" way before some other artists discovered it.

    "Demostrations" was self financed and produced on a waiter's salary in 1995!  People were still recording tapes back then.  All the tracks were recorded from the bottom up and there are more original songs on, "Demostrations" than on any of my other CDs.

    I really hope you give it a chance.  My vocals were a bit stiff because recording was all new to me, and I was running back and forth between the mic and the control room.  I new that next time I recorded I really had to focus on delivering the message of the song.  It is harder than one might think.



    1. Why Did You Lie? 3:50

    2. Love Yourself 3:26

    3. If You Go 3:59

    4. Love Yourself More 3:53

    5. If I Love Again 2:44

    6. On A Clear Day 2:43

    7. That Lucky Old Sun 2:51

    8. Save Your Sorrow … For Tomorrow 4:01

    9. As I Am 3:22


About Doug Wilson

  • IMG_6035_8x10

    Doug Wilson

    Hi. Thanks for checking out my web site.
    I have been singing since an early age, and music is a huge part of my life. I love to tell a story within the beauty of music.
    In 1995 I recorded and produced my first self-financed CD called, "Demostrations." I was trying to be clever with the name in that the idea was for a "Demo" project. Most people thought it was a typo in the title! Not many people were making CDs back then, and I can remember many people surprised at what I was doing at that time.
    I dove into musical theatre, starring in roles such as The Pharaoh in "Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat", Roger and Hammerstein's "Allegro" and "Oklahoma". I also sang for countless, events, openings, weddings, celebrations, parties, funerals and festivals. I have hosted my own cabarets and musical events as well.

    I stepped away from singing in my thirties and became a cop. But as fate would have it, was still asked to sing at weddings, festivals and events. Even on duty and in uniform. After returning from a police training mission in Iraq in 2008, I decided it was time to sing again. I completed a self-financed CD called, "Hello Again." People still tell me that is there favorite CD of mine.
    During my last year as a cop, I recorded, Feel". I'm very happy with it and plan to sing songs from the CD at Martuni's. Now I'm a Flight Attendant, and plan to run around the world singing. COME FLY WITH ME!
    "Touching" people in a song takes heart, soul and worldly experience. I really hope you come to see one of my live shows and enjoy some good times! Contact me anytime for anything. Would love to hear from you!


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